I owe you … my gratitude. What you do is more than just about placing someone in a “job”. It effects the lives of my family and friends, close and extended. So, I really appreciate all the help, knowledge and direction.

I’ve worked with Glenn and I can say that he’s an absolute professional. He is aggressive in areas that are important to his client and humble at the right moments. He knows his business and he understands and proclaims the limits of that business to his clients. I would not have any problem working with […]

Glenn was very easy to work with. He listened to my requirements and never once pressured me regarding a potential employer. I would highly recommend Glenn.

Since the mid-2000s, I’ve had the pleasure of developing a lasting professional relationship with Glenn, an association that has proved to be mutually supportive and beneficial for us both. Glenn has relied on me to identify talent for key energy engineering positions, and I have been happy to recommend him to my colleagues who are […]

Glenn is a fine resource, a good listener with timely advice having a fresh perspective on the market. Glenn excels at opening doors and instilling a sense of comfort to an otherwise unnerving process. I would recommend Glenn to friends and colleagues.

A colleague referred Glenn to me regarding an executive search that Glenn was conducting. Glenn was very thorough and dedicated to my success. He offered invaluable tips on the interview process that I will use throughout my career.

Glenn provides great insight to the MEP/Engineering Design workforce need and availability. I have worked with Glenn in trying to find the right team members for my needs, and as a resource to understand other opportunities in the industry. He understands the “special sauce” needed to make a good candidate into a great candidate, which […]

I recently worked with Glenn in changing jobs. In short he was fantastic to work with. Glenn is quite good at helping place people in jobs where they will succeed. I have had a few recruiters contact me in the past and none of them even understood what my job or expertise was. Glenn on […]